Friday, August 17, 2007


The weather is finally supposed to cool down this weekend! Tomorrow's high is expected to top out at 95, which may seem hot...but it sure beats the daily average of 104 this week! With the cooler temps, I will finally get back to running outdoors and running longer distances. My plan for tomorrow's long run in to get up at 4am and hit the streets until 9am. I prefer the trails, but it's a bitch being the first one out there and hitting all the spider webs! Trails will have to wait until Sunday's 16 miler.

On a side note, I am now a proud member of Team Sherpa!

"Team Sherpa Ultra-Running is a nation-wide group of runners passionate about simply going the distance and camaraderie. There are no dues, there is no budget, there are no waivers to be signed. You are not guaranteed a number to run Boston or any other over-crowded race. What you are guaranteed is support, friendship and a good time. We are not a non-profit organization or really an organization at all. We are group of runners feeling good about inclusion." - Sherpa John

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