Saturday, August 18, 2007

Salt Burns

I ran my first long run since last week's race. I am rebuilding my base with slow, long runs that get very boring. It took me 5 hours to run 21 miles today. I started well before the sun came up...but once it came up, it got hot real quick. I packed GU, Clif Bars, PBJ's, and plenty of S!Caps into my camelbak and hit the road by 0515. I wore my usual attire (bike shorts under running shorts) and all was fine the first couple of hours. I took S!Caps more often that I did during the race, hoping that would help my gut not bloat (which it did help).

By the beginning of the third hour, I noticed white foam on my thighs. I assumed it was salty sweat and thought nothing else of it. I continued running, eating, drinking, and taking even more S!Caps. In hind site, I guess that I was taking way too many S!Caps and this was overloading me with salt.

When I got home and in the shower, I nearly screamed in pain! I had what looked like whelps or burns on my inner thighs, buttocks, and testicles. My guess is that I perspired a high concentration of salt and because I was wearing compression shorts, my skin was overly irritated. Needless to say, I am still in pain.

NOTE TO SELF: don't take so many damn S!Caps!!!!!

SIDE NOTE: S!Caps are worth their weight in gold...when taken properly!!!!

I hope all is better before tomorrow's trail run!!

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