Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good News...Bad News

Good news: Since changing from a base-building, slow run to a faster 5k pace run, I have seen much improvement since May. My 5k time has improved by 4 minutes and my 8 mile time has improved by 20 minutes! This is all wonderful news for me! Running slow and keeping my HR down during my Maffetone work-outs for 2 months was soooo boring. I am really excited to be running faster...and without pegging my HR out to max!

Bad news: I seem to have developed a case of plantar fasciitis. It started nagging me when I increased my pace this past Sunday. Halfway into a 10k run last night, I had a lot of trouble walking. I actually had less pain when I was running, so I finished the mileage. This morning, I could not bear any weight on my right heel. It became less painful as the day progresses, but still very tender. I guess I will need to lay off the running for a bit. The recumbent bike and elliptical will have to suffice for now (yuck!).

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