Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stanky Creek

The weather finally cooled down enough to run the trails! It was 97 degrees, but very humid. Even if it were over 100, I don't think I could have hit the treadmill. I needed to run the trails...and run the trails I did.

I've decided that I am tired of running slow. I need more speed. Today's run was to be considered a speed run....eight miles of speed. I hit the trail head at a blistering pace and held it constant except for uphills. After the first four miles, I was dog tired. I took a short walk break and then took off at a steady 11 minute pace. I had my watch set for a 3:1 interval, but usually just kept running. Another short walk break at mile six. My body and mind were telling me to slow down, but I wanted to push it as much as possible. I finished the loop in 92 minutes, which is shy of my PR by a few minutes. It was exhausting, but I felt good about my performance. I know an eleven minute pace is not fast for a lot of you, but it is on the trail for me. Of course, I doubt I could have kept that same pace for much longer!

Side note: There were lot of bikers on the trail today. As I passed a family of said bikers, the wife called out to her husband: "Here comes a jogger, Ed!". A jogger?! How insulting! I am a runner, by damn it! I am a ultradistance runner! I am the best ultradistance runner known to man to my wife!

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