Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back in the Saddle

After taking two days off to let my PF heal, it managed four miles. I went to Stanky Creek, but there is a time-trial for the bikers going on (race tomorrow). Begrudgingly, I headed for the gym. I smoked the first two miles with a 8 minute per mile pace and felt great! My right heel was somewhat stiff, but not enough pain to stop me. What did stop me was a blister on my right ankle where my trail shoe had worn (I should have put my street shoes on!). The front desk people gave me a band aid to cover it, but it still burned like the dickens! I did not want to stop, but it my shoe kept digging into the blister. Wait a minute! This would be a great time to run barefoot...well, at least sockfoot!

I ran two miles at a 10 minute per mile pace in my socks and it felt very liberating! It took some getting used to, but it was great! Unfortunately, another damn blister...this time on the ball of my left foot which is where my foot would first contact the treadmill. Blisters be damned. Next time, I will wrap my feet regardless of shoe choice or surface choice. I am pondering on purchasing a pair of Vibram Fivefingers, which would make it much easier for me to run "barefooted".

To find out more about barefoot running, please give Barefoot Ted's site a look!

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