Saturday, February 2, 2008

MS 50 TRX Run #1

Bartlett Park was a mess. All the low lying areas were wet and muddy. Trees, limbs, and sticks littered the trail, slowing my run to a crawl at some points. I made every attempt to keep my feet dry, but it was a lost battle within the first five minutes of the run. My intent was to run between 16-20 miles. Once on my second loop, I knew that was not going to happen today. My legs were dead and my hips were screaming at me. I guess already having 41 miles under my belt for the week may have been a wee too much. I ended up with just over 15 miles, so all was not lost.

For today's run, I decided to try out Hammer Perpetuem and Sustained Energy. I mixed the Sustained Energy into a paste for my gel flask. It tasted like shit. For flavor, I added a banana Hammer gel. Now it tasted like shitty oatmeal. The Perpetuem was mixed in a hand-held. The website states that it tastes like a dreamsicle. They lied. I tasted like shitty oatmeal as well. I also had a few Gu gels and a pack of Clif Shot Blocks. All in all, my energy seemed to be boosted somewhat. I think that being already worn down from the week destroyed my stamina for today's run. I plan on purchasing both the Sustained Energy and Perpetuem in the future to test it more thoroughly.

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