Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Trails

After work Monday, I decided to test my Nike Free's out at Bartlett Park. Cliff and Liz Sander's truck was in the parking lot, so I was hoping to catch up with them. Thinking they were running the traditional counter-clockwise direction, I ran opposite figuring we would meet at some point on the trail. They must have run the same direction because we never crossed pathes. Cliff and Liz are great people who I hope to run more with!

Anyway...no problems with the lack of cushioning (as long as I didn't kick any roots) and I kept a good pace most of the run due to the shoes being so light. Traction was not an issue, since the trail was dry.

Today's run was on the dreaded treadmill due to the ugly, cold weather. I can't wait for summer! I would rather run in 120 degree weather than this crap!! The forecast is calling for rain all weekend, which will really put a damper on my planned 50k practice run (I should have signed up for Sylamore!!!!!!!).

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