Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A New Week

After Saturday's run at Bartlett Park, I decided to take Sunday off for some much needed rest. Since the weather was so wonderful on Monday, I figured I had enough rest and that it was time to hit the street for a quick run.

The first mile was a bear. My legs felt dead. Twice I almost called it quits. The only thought that kept me going was the upcoming MS50 (slightly over three weeks away). I knew that if I couldn't push past my discomfort for a quick run, then I would not fare well on race day. So...I pushed on. Mile two was a little better. I started to get into a groove. At the end of the second mile, I stopped for a stretch. This simple act seemed to bring new life into my dead legs and I took off feeling great. The initial route is 4.5 miles, but I figured that it would be a waste of good weather to end the run that soon. So, I kept on running down, around and through Quail Ridge Golf Course. Since it had been raining, the golf course was empty. I ran on the cart paths and down the fairways. It was somewhat wet and slippery, but quick all the same.

Today's crappy weather did not allow me to run outside. Since I didn't make it to the gym and we have yet to get a treadmill...I'll call today another rest and recovery day (sounds better that way!).

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