Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Shoes, New Energy

My Nike Free 3.0's finally arrived Friday. At 7am this morning, I put them on and hit the streets of Bartlett for a test run. Once my body adjusted to the minimalistic shoe on blacktop, the ride felt great! These shoes are feather light, but still have some cushioning. My Five Fingers weigh about the same, but have no protection whatsoever, which is why I couldn't wear them anywhere but the trails.

My test run was initially to be 4 miles, but I went ahead and kept running for 7. I would have run more, but I had to be back at the house by 0830. No blisters, no bruising, no knee/hip pain...all is well and I give this shoe a passing with flying colors grade.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at houses in Tipton county, where we plan on moving in the early summer. Once home, I knew it was time to run again. At 5pm, I hit the streets again. I ran to the gym (3.56 miles), did 5 miles there, and ran home (4.4 miles). Grand total for today = 19.95 miles in my new Nike Free's!

I also ordered another pair of Nike Zoom Airs, which weight just slightly more than the Free's, but have alot more cushion for the pushin'. My shoe inventory will be set for a couple of months.

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