Sunday, February 24, 2008

Race Calander Changes

I have decided to forgo the 3 Days of Syllamo this year. I don't think I will have recovered enough from the MS50 to enjoy even one race, much less all three. In place of 3 Days, I'll stay local for the Germantown 1/2 Marathon.

More races in doubt:
The website for the Nashville Ultra is still not up, so I have to guess that the race is not going to happen. I continue to see it listed on the Ultrarunning mag all hope is not lost. I will probably skip the Nashville Marathon as well. I so hate running on pavement!!

Removing 3 Days and possibly the Nashville Ultra will free up time and resources to get ready for the Ouachita 50 miler in mid April.

Adding a few races from the Rock/Creek Trail Series to fill out the year. Now only time, money, and health stand in my way!

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