Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recovery Over

Since the 50k, I have run once on the treadmill (Wed) and once today on the street. I used the week to recover even though I was not really sore. I thought I would gained some weight, but not so (I even lost a few pounds!).

Today's run was fairly crappy. The first few miles, my legs were stiff and my feet felt like concrete. By mile 4, I had finally warmed up and began to feel like running. I kept the pace slow and easy, attempting to keep my heart rate below 150. My original plan was to run about 6 miles, but once I got to six I still felt ok to continue running. My new goal was 10. My normal route back into the subdivision is exactly one mile. By the time I entered the subdivision, I was still below I needed to extend a little to reach 10. Off one of the dead ends I noticed a trail and decided to follow it to see where it lead. A little less than a half mile later, I popped out of the woods on Old Brownsville road (about a mile from the house on pavement). Once back to the house, my mileage ends up being 11.31.

I have decided to skip the upcoming Sylamore 50k (2/16). One reason is my poor performance at Swamp Stomper and the other is to concentrate on training for the Mississippi 50m on March 1st. If I don't take a weekend off, I only have four left before my first 50 miler. That does not give me much time to ramp up the mileage to prep without getting injured. I would like to get in at least two 35-40 mile long runs to feel good about the race.

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