Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year in Review

2007 in a nutshell:

In May of 2006, I weighed 270 pounds. I also turned 39 years of age. With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, I knew that I had to loose weight and get my diet under control. We joined a local gym and I started on the elliptical. Off and on for a year, I stayed on that damn elliptical! I lost about 25 pounds, but knew I could do better. During my stint in the Army, we regularly ran 2-4 miles during PT. I reckoned I best start running the streets again if I want to loose more weight and get back into shape. In May of 2007, I (re-)started my running career. It was slow and painful at first, but the more weight I lost the more motivated I became.

I ran my first race in July (5k - 35min, if I recall) and then decided to switch to ultras (which seemed to favor slow pokes like me!). My first ultra was Bartlett Park in August (40 miles - 11:47). This was a wonderful, yet terrifying experience for me. It was great to "run" 40 miles, but the many walls that I had to climb over to get there was new to me. After this, the ultra bug had me by the throat!

The next ultra was the 24 Hour Tour d'Esprit in September. Of course, this was my first 24 hour track ultra and I had no idea what to expect (except what I had read on Kevin Sayer's Ultrarunner website). The race started at 3pm and by midnight I had 50k behind me and a huge wall in front of me. I assumed that (and read in an email from the RD) that there would be a runner's tent with food throughout the race. I never found this tent! I had only brought a few things (Clif bars, gels, etc) which was not enough fuel for my fat ass to keep moving past midnight (hindsight: I should have jumped in my car and went to McDonald's and Starbucks!!!). I slept until morning and then had to actually pay for a crappy pancake breakfast. Another 27 miles was accumulated for a total of 58 for my second ultra. Lesson learned: this was not a true "ultra" event, but more geared for team relay and each team brought their own supplies. Next time, I will be prepared.

Next race was the Midsouth Marathon...my first marathon...in October. This particular marathon was an awesome experience!! The entire town of Wynne, Arkansas came out to help and cheer the runners! Unfortunately, I ran a dismal 5:37:31. I hit a small wall at the half and a huge wall at 17 miles. Lesson learned: start slow and taper!!!!

The final race of the year was the St. Jude Marathon in December. Once again, a wonderful experience, but a disappointing 5:20:31! Shit. I need to get faster!!!

My total mileage from May 21st 2007 until December 31st 2007 was 1661.93 miles. One of my new year's resolutions is to run 2500 miles. That will be a lot of training runs and races and I hope to see all of you out there "suffering" with me for most of the miles!

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