Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tag...You're It

I was tagged by Jolly Green Thumb...

1. Most memorable moment on the trails in 2007.
Since I started running ultras only last May, my trail races are limited to one! The Bartlett Park Ultra was my first ultra and first time running more that 15 miles at one time. August in Memphis is usually very hot and humid and this was no exception. Forty miles (over 11 hours) later, my first race was in the bag. It was a great time and a miserable time all in one. I met many ultrarunners, such as Kevin Dorsey, Mike Samuelson, and Susan Donnelly.

2. Best new trail discovered in 2007.
I spent so much time at Stanky Creek, prepping for Bartlett Park Ultra and I really started to hate being there. I finally made it to Shelby Farms and ran WRT and the Tour and this really helped me get back in the groove. WRT has 3 trails (yellow, blue, and white), so you can have plenty of variations to make your run more interesting. Hopefully I can run more trails outside of Shelby county!!

3. My best performance of 2007.
My performances for 2007 are so numerous that it's hard to decide! Let's see...I ran 2 ultras and 2 many to pick from! I guess I would have to pick Bartlett Park Ultra (40 miles in 11:47). Definitely slow, but it was my first and I was no where near ready!

4. I don't know how I previously survived without...
Running! Since leaving active duty in 1992, I got fat and lazy. I hit 40 and was 270lbs when I decided to get back into running. I have lost more than 50lbs since! As for Camelbak, Gu, and S!Caps.

5. The person I would most like to meet on the trails in 2008.
There are so many awesome runners out there that I would love to meet! If I had to narrow it down to one, it would have to be Anton Krupicka. Beyond that, there's Dean Karnazes, Scott Dunlap, Scott Jurek, Travis Liles, Sherpa John, Krissy Moehl, Sophie Speidel, and the list goes on and on and on.

6. The race I am most excited about for 2008.
My first 50 miler is planned for March 1st...the Mississippi 50. The course is relatively flat and soft, so I am hoping to finish (just finish, nothing else promised!). If, by October, I am feeling cocky enough, I will attempt my first 100 miler, the Arkansas Traveler!

Now, I tag...Kevin Ponds. Come on Kevin! Get back in the game and update your damn blog!!

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