Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Run of 2008

I have many goals/races to accomplish this year. One goal is to crank up my weekly mileage past 60 so I can start running 50 and 100 milers. Juggling work and family does not leave much room for running during the week and when there is time, the weather sucks! It can be a pain to go to the gym, especially when you factor in travel time. So I plan on purchasing a treadmill so I can run anytime without leaving the house. If I get up at 4:15 each morning, I would be able to run 5 miles before needing to get ready for work! That's 25 extra miles, Monday through Friday...with only missing 35 minutes of sleep each morning! I'm a genius!!!


After taking most of Christmas week off (only had one 6 mile run), it was time to hit the trails. To my surprise, I had only gained 2 pounds from all the eating during the holidays!! Today's run was at Stanky Creek (should I start calling it Bartlett Park? Sounds less offensive, eh?). My hips protested the entire run! I had spent too much time on my ass during the holidays and now it was time to pay! I took it slow and easy the entire run and still had alot of hip pain.

There were alot of deer on the trails today. On the yellow trail, I spotted two doe and a buck bounding across the trail. They stopped about 20 yards from me and we all just starred at each other for a while. They did not seem scarred, but only curious. Maybe they were thinking that they would have no problem outrunning my fat ass if need be! When I started up the trail again, they didn't run...just kept watching me plod along. I thought I heard one of them taunting me...something like "you call that running?!".

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