Sunday, January 6, 2008

Swamp Stomper Training Run #4

Even with a later start time, only three of us ran off into the woods for over three hours of fun. The rest of you guys missed a great run with great weather (somewhat humid, though).

Leigh, Bill, and I started at the top of the red loop and then headed south to the lake. The original plan was to turn around at the lake and hit the other side of the red loop back to the visitor's center and finish with about 10 miles. Leigh and I were still feeling fresh, so we said bye to Bill at the red and headed north to the cabin. Once to the cabin (11 miles), the vote was unanimous to run the streets back to the visitor's center. In hindsight, we would have been in less pain had we stayed on the trails!

We bumped into at least 13 other runners today. With only two weeks left until the race, people must be getting the last long run in before tapering. Next weekend, the volunteers will run the course, so I will stay out of their way and run Bartlett Park for my last long run. If anyone wishes to join me on Sunday for 10-16 miles, let me know or check the forums.

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