Thursday, September 20, 2007

Run, Forrest, Run!

I had my appointment with the orthopod yesterday. The x-ray was negative for fracture or spur, which is good to know. All in all, the doctor did not tell me anything that I didn't already know (don't go barefoot, stretches, anti-inflamm meds, etc). He did give me a heel cup, which is supposed to help relieve pain.

Anyway...I finally started running again yesterday. I was relatively pain free, before-during-after the run. One may think this is attributed to the four Alleve that I took during the course of the day, but I hope that it is because I am healing. Three miles at a 10 min pace felt great! The fourth mile was a test in prep for the 24 hour race, so I walked half and "trotted" the last half. I am trying to time how fast I need to be walking and/or how slow I can run and still stay under 14 minutes per mile.

It feels great to be running again! Too bad that this Sunday starts my taper for next weeks race.

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