Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Pain

My damn foot is not getting better. I've done all the stretches, used arch supports and even decreased my mileage...still painful. Actually, Monday it felt great! Not so today.

I went for a short run yesterday afternoon since the weather was so cool. The foot was a little stiff the first 1.5 miles, but seem to feel o.k. after that. Around mile 6, it started really aching. I would walk in attempt to loosen it up, but it actually hurt less when running. By mile 7, my running form was really in the tank and I was hurting elsewhere because I was overcompensating for my right foot PF. My darling wife drove by me about 200 yards before starting mile 8, so I stuck out my thumb to hitch a ride back home. Luckily, she saw me (how could she miss?!) and picked my sorry ass up.

I guess I need to stop all running activities for a bit, which is putting me in a funk just thinking about it. I have the 24 Hour Tour d'Esprit coming up in less than three weeks, so I really need to be pain free. Of course, if I don't run to allow my plantar fasciitis to heal, then I may not be ready to run the 24 hour race. Maybe I will be o.k. for my weekend long run.

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