Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wade's Big Adventure

I made it to the starting line with plenty of time to socialize. Multiple calls to mother nature seemed to have cured my lower GI issues and I hoped it would remain that way. It's a bitch to wander off the trail to find a secluded spot to do number 2, but when you have have to.

The race began on time, with the 18 milers leaving ten minutes before the 8 milers. I held pace with the rest of the Memphis Ultra crew on the outbound section and enjoyed the banter and companionship. This is quite a welcome change from my usual solitary runs. My piriformis issues started to haunt me around mile 6, but I was able to keep up with the team. Right before the turn-around, I had to slow pace and start my stretches to hopefully alleviate the oncoming problems. The team continued to rock on...hopefully I wasn't sandbagging them too much!

After the turn-around, I stopped for some better stretching on the ground. I took two Aleve and two S-Caps! and turned on the ipod. I was back to being alone and prayed the music would keep me moving at a decent clip. Five other runners passed me as they headed to the turn-around. At least, I consoled myself, I wasn't DFL.

The five runners behind me never caught up, nor did I catch anyone in front of me. I did see the runner behind me on the levee, but he was at least a quarter to half mile back. I put the hammer down to insure he never got any closer.


I finished in 3:22:59. Maybe I could have done better...I know I could have done worse. It was great to run with the Memphis Ultra crew and I look forward to running many more miles with them in the future.

This was my last trail race for the year, so I will start my training for the St. Jude Marathon (December 6th). The transition from trails to hardball means more speed, but also more aches and pains. After the marathon, its back to the trails for January 2009 edition of Swamp Stomper.

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