Friday, November 21, 2008

Time Off

My hip/knee pain is still present, although it seems to be fading. I went to my chiro yesterday for an adjustment and he suggested I use a wedge in my right shoe (since my right leg is somewhat shorter than the left). We'll see how this works on tomorrow's run.

Except for nine miles on Monday, I have not run another step. I am hoping to be rid of my injury(ies) well before the marathon, leaving me enough time for a few semi-long runs...but time is running out. I will attempt a half marathon with my better half tomorrow and if all goes well, another half on Sunday. If the pain recedes and I am able to run, I will jack my mileage back up to 50 for next week and 20 for the week before the marathon on December 6th.

Once the marathon is over, I can retreat back to the trails and start my prep for the 2009 Swamp Stomper in Shelby Forrest. I can hardly wait to be back in the woodline.

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