Thursday, November 13, 2008


After Wade's, I started my street running in prep for the St. Jude Marathon. I am on my second pair of Adidas Adizero XT's, which have served me well on the trails. They are very light, but not very thick-soled. Changing from soft trails to hardball without changing my shoes was not one of my brighter ideas.

Last Saturday's long run turned fairly short due to right knee and hip pain due guessed it...running in the Adizero's (which have well over 300 miles on them). The first run was with my better half, Jennifer. She is training for the half marathon, so we ran the Chickasaw trail at Shelby Farms. After ten miles, we said adios. She headed home and I went to the Wolf River Path for more running.

The car ride from the Ranger's station to WRP is only about five minutes, but I stopped at a gas station for a snicker bar and a coke on the way. Then I parked at the Chik-Filet and used their "facilities". All in all, it was about 45 minutes before I attempted to run again. I guess that my old body decided to cramp up a little from all the sitting. Add that to the worn out trail shoes and my right knee and hip were screaming. I tried to run through it. I tried to walk through it. Nothing seemed to help. After six miles of pain, I called it a day. After an easy four miles on Sunday, the pains were still present. It was long past time for a break.

Four days without running or gym time and new pair of Brook's Adrenaline GTS 8's, I hope my body is ready to resume running. The knee pain is gone, but the hip pain seems to prefer to hang around. My daily job consist of me sitting on my ass all day and that tends to aggravate the hips...but I have to bring home that paycheck!

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