Sunday, November 23, 2008

Injury Update

Jennifer and I started our run after lunch, hoping the temps would be higher (no such luck). The sky was overcast and the temperature hovered at a balmy 44 degrees. I was hoping my hip/knee crap had gone away and Jennifer was hoping her knee/calf pain had done the same.

Our plan was for a easy half marathon on the Wolf River Path. This was to be her last long mileage run before her first attempt at the St. Jude Half Marathon (her previous long run was 10 miles). By mile five, her right knee was troubling her enough for us to walk back to the car and call it a day. I think it's ITB that is causing her pain due to the increase in mileage on the streets. Her "coach" (me!) suggested that she keep the mileage low on the streets and try to stick with the elliptical until the race. I want her to make it to the starting line healthy!

Me, on the other hand...I had some lingering aches in the hip, but not enough to slow me down or cause any worry. After we left the WRP, I went home, changed clothes, and hit the gym for another 10 miles...bringing my daily total to 16 miles. I also worked the legs with the weight machines prior to running. I expected to be in a bit of pain today, but was pleasantly surprised.

Today's run was dx'd due to household chores and Christmas shopping. My hip and knee have felt great today and I hope to be back running the streets again! Two 25 mile weeks have been ok to rest, but it's sure boring!

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