Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tour d'Esprit = Tour d'Pain

All seemed right before the start. I felt great and had no injuries. My initial plan was to cover 50 miles within the first 12 hours and then take it easy for the remaining 11 hours.

I needed to maintain about a 14 minute pace to reach 50 miles in 12 hours. Thinking my pace would slow after 6-7 hours, I tried to push the pace somewhat at first. All was going great until mile 16-17. My left knee slightly buckled and felt like someone had pushed a small stick into the lateral aspect of it. My initial thought was that I tore a ligament. I stopped running and tried to stretch it out. I then ran another 10 feet and the pain came back. I decided to continue to walk and the pain subsided. Thinking I had dodged a bullet, I began running the next lap. For about half a mile I took it easy, slowing my pace and praying for the best. The pain returned and so I just figured I would power hike and re-evaluate later.

At 8pm, Jennifer and Sydney brought me a delicious dinner of pizza! We sat in my little camp and chowed down. After a wonderful treat of pizza and seeing my beautiful wife, it was time to get back on the track. Sydney (who is 8) wanted to run a lap with me. After walking the first quarter mile to warm up and test the knee, we ran about a 13 minute pace the remainder of the lap. After saying our goodbyes, I got back to business.

The pain would come and go, depending on my pace. When it felt good, I ran. When it felt bad, I walked. I tried to keep the walking pace between 14 and 16 mpm. I was getting very discouraged and worried about my knee.

After 31 miles, I decided it best to pack up and not cause any further injury. It was a very hard decision and I took a lot of time making it. I felt like a failure, but knew if I had continued I would regret it.

I have yet to see the results of the race, but when I left James Holland was around 50 miles and Elizabeth Holliday was right behind him. They were both still running fresh! Jan Show was at mile 38 and was not slowing down. I hope they all did well as the night wore on!

Side note: I have decided to keep all races under 50k until I can get my weight under 200. I am at 225 now and my knees are taking a pounding running ultra distances. Hopefully by March '09 (the next MS50), I will be ready for a race greater than 50k.

EDIT: The results are in....I came in 2nd in my age group (the man in 1st just had 41 miles). Overall winner was James Holland with 93 miles. Elizabeth Holliday ended up with 81 and Jan Show with 76 miles. Ten time attendee Harry Strohm had 35. Full results here.

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