Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's Long Run

Getting ready for Wade's Big Adventure:

I had no idea if I was on the correct trail for Wade's (on the east side of Germantown Rd). There was a lot of overgrowth on some sections that made it very hard to run. Briars, brambles and sticker bushes were the norm. Every now and then, I would see orange trail marking tape hanging from trees, so I tried to follow. The trail petered out onto a sand bar on the Wolfe River, so that's were I turned around. I followed another trail half-way back, which was better maintained. This part of the trail had marking tape everywhere and there was no clear sense of direction. I was enjoying my run and still had water, so I just ran willy-nilly until I finally made it back to the original trail.

I took a right turn to exit back to Lowe's...well before I was supposed to and ended up with a 40 foot gully full of water blocking my way. I had run through this same gully earlier and it was bone dry! What the fuck?! Of course, looking at my GPS after the run I could see that I was not where I thought I was! I was out of water and figured I would follow a trail to the north and exit into the adjacent neighborhood and take the streets back to G'town Rd. This was probably not a great idea in the trail turned almost non-existent and very wet.

I finally made it back to the Circle K mini mart and had a quick lunch break. The next portion of the run was on the all to familiar white trail, heading to the ranger station for the next water refill. After that, I hit the Chickasaw trail and then about half of the Tour de Wolfe, exiting the park at the dog area and running back to G'town Rd and back to my car.

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