Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time for a Break?

The past two weeks have been very crappy for me as far as running goes. My mileage has decreased drastically, mainly because of lack of time and motivation. My body is just not into the running mode. I have felt very tired...almost exhausted. I have run four ultras since the end of January, so maybe it's time for a break. Maybe my system needs some extended rest. I guess I'm getting old!

I did have two great runs. A 21 miler on the yellow trail at Shelby Farms last Saturday and a 8.3 miler at Bartlett Park this morning. Today's run felt great and my body seemed to be getting back into the groove. I have the Scenic City Trail Marathon in one week, so I will take it easy the rest of the week.

After the trail marathon, I will take a much needed break. The next race will be in July (Midnight 50k). Then the wife and I are going to Hawaii for our anniversary! I hope to run up and around Diamond Head!

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