Saturday, May 3, 2008

Long Run

I ended the day at 7pm with 20.63 miles on the blacktop (I figured the trails would be too wet and muddy today). All attempts to start my run early this morning were thwarted by my laziness. I finally hit the road around 11:30, which allowed only about 90 minutes to run before I had to get back home and get the car to the shop for an oil change. This first run was 9.16 miles. I wanted to keep running, but other appointments needed tending.

The second run was 11.45 miles. I wasn't really wanting to run by this point, but I knew that my ass needed to be out there. Midway into the run, I ran out of gas. I only brought one Hammer gel for fuel, which didn't help much. I finally made it back home in a somewhat respectable 2 hours and 15 minutes...having walked ALOT during the run and the entire last mile.

After a Recoverite drink and a delicious dinner, I feel ok. No pains and not too tired. I am planning on running at least 15 miles tomorrow on the trails at Shelby Farms to finish out the week.

Run #2
Run #1

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