Sunday, April 6, 2008


My weekly mileage has dropped from the 60's (two weeks in a row) to the 30's (the last two weeks in a row). One excuse for that is all the damn rain, which forced me inside the gym to run the treadmill (uhg!). Another excuse is all the after school activities the step children have that involve me taking and picking them up. And the last excuse is that my youngest son was in town all week. Regardless of all my lame excuses, there was plenty of time that could have been dedicated to running, but I was too lazy. I need to start getting up earlier than my normal 4:50 am to get in some extra mileage now that spring is here!

In one week, I will be running in the 6 Hour Memphis Ultra. My plan is to run at least 25 miles at a leisurely pace. The Saturday following is the Oauchita 50, so I don't want any injuries!

Last two non-treadmill runs:

April 5th:

March 27th:

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