Sunday, April 13, 2008

Memphis Ultra 6 Hour Endurance Race

Although the turn out was lower than expected, we all still had a great time! The course was great and even had a swampy, muddy, standing water section to run no extra charge!

Thanks to the Memphis Ultra crew (Holly, Drew, Michael, Claire, Ella Kate, Patrick, Ann Marie, Mr. Dodd) for putting on a great race and keeping us all fed and safe!

I ended the day with 8 laps (24.42 miles per my Garmin) and tied for first place with Michael. I offered to Indian wrestle in the nude for the prize, but he declined. Of course, had he not taken it easy on me all day, he would have many more miles. And...had Drew not arrived three hours late, and had Patrick not stopped early to drink beer, and had Holly actually run more instead of taking care of everyone...then I would not have won the grand prize. Lucky me!

The best part of the run was the end. No...not because it was over! As I turned the final corner, I saw a beautiful sight that almost brought me to tears (of course, being a manly man...that wasn't going to happen in public!). My lovely wife came out to see me finish six hours of running. This meant a lot to me and I am forever grateful to her for putting up with my running!

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