Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recovery Complete; Training Begins

My body seems to have recovered significantly from the last two races enough to begin training for the Scenic City Trail Marathon on May 24th. I ran an easy 25 miles last week without too much trouble or pain. It was slow going, but still going. Today's run was right less than 9 miles at a 9:25 pace. My legs tired a bit mid-run, but I was able to keep the pace up. I wanted to run further, but did not have more time. I am now 5.3 miles short of 700 for the year. Since tomorrow is the last day of April, I will run at least the 5.3 miles even though Wednesday is supposed to be a weight day. Oh well...weights can wait til Thursday.

Today's splits:

1 10:27 (forgot my phone on top of my car and had to go back!)
2 9:25
3 9:04
4 8:49
5 9:13
6 8:49
7 9:57
8 9:30
9 6:47 (0.7 miles)

Not too shabby for an old man!

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