Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Road...Again

Today's run was supposed to be a short 4 miles before dinner. I really didn't even feel like running. My legs were starting to feel a little dead and my right hip and ankle was sore. Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, I felt it necessary to run today (and rest tomorrow).

I set out a little after 4pm. Other than being windy, the weather was great! I decided to run somewhere other than my normal 4 mile route. I went through a few neighborhoods that I have never seen and ended up back on Old Brownsville Rd. This road is fairly narrow and the cars love to speed by. I spent a lot of time in the ditch...trying to not become road kill. Right on Oak for a bit and then a right on Broadway took me back to the five-way. My brain said to take another right and head home, but my body wanted more miles. So...more miles it got. I ended up with 8.4 miles in 1:21:16 (9:39 pace). I felt great and wanted to see what my time would be at 13.1 miles, but my wife had told me that dinner was served at 6pm and I know it wouldn't be wise to be late.

No gels, only 20 oz Propel (only drank 3/4). Once again, no gastric issues. For my long run on Saturday, I will start adding Perpetuem back into it and see if it causes any issues.

1 9:28
2 8:48
3 9:59
4 9:38
5 10:21
6 9:36
7 9:49
8 9:55
9 3:51

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