Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Studly gotta love daylight savings time! With the extra hour of daylight, I can get more than a few miles in well before dark!

I wanted to see if I could top my great runs on Monday with one complete run yesterday. I started out around six-ish, figuring I had at least an 90 minutes before dark. I wanted to run at least 6 miles before even thinking about heading back to the house. I also wanted to run without any extra fueling (except one gel and 20oz of Propel) to see start ruling out things that cause gastric distension in previous runs. I am happy to report no gut problems during the entire run!

I intentionally kept my pace below 10min/mile to see how far I could last. Once again, I know that this pace is fairly slow for most of you, but it's truckin' for my big ass. I was able to keep pace except when having to wait on traffic. I wanted to keep running after 10 miles, but it was getting late and I was getting very hungry. I was extremely pleased with the run which was another PR for me!

1 9:56
2 9:11
3 10:00
4 9:13
5 9:29
6 9:30
7 10:05
8 9:23
9 10:27
10 9:31

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