Monday, August 25, 2008

My Aching Hips...

I took a much needed rest last week. My hips were feeling rusty and somewhat painful...which I contribute to an increase in blacktop mileage. I was hoping to top 200 miles for the month, but with only 7 days left and about 70 miles short, I doubt I will attain my goal. Oh well...I guess I can try harder next month.

I spent the weekend in Pensacola for my youngest son's 18 birthday. While it's great to see both of my boys, it is a very long trip for only two days! Sitting in the car for 8 hours at a time doesn't allow for my hips to feel any better. I guess I am getting old and will have to accept that fact and learn to live with it! Of course, my job consists of me sitting on my ass a lot during the that doesn't help as well. Getting old is a bitch.

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