Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Crushing Blow

Another 50 miler pissed to the wind (or to the heat!).

First...have I said how hot it was yet? Well, it was hell hot! Official temps were 106 (actual) with a heat index of 133! Let me repeat...a heat index of 133 degrees!!

The first loop was great. No problems. Two potty breaks. I was sweating like pig (yes, I know...pigs don't sweat), but all systems go. Eight miles in 1:45, fifteen minutes to spare according to my 50 mile plan. Reload supplies, hit the outhouse, and back on the trail at the 1:55 mark.

The second loop went slightly slower, but still on track. My nutritional plan seemed to be working ok. Finished loop two at the 4 hour mark. Loaded the Camelbak and grabbed a Red Bull and hit the trail for loop three.

The chatty cathy's (3 women who you could hear a mile away just cackling) were gaining on me. I refused to allow this to happen, so I increased my pace slightly. Their annoying banter faded as I increased the distance between us. Around mile 17, I hit the wall and I hit it very hard. Well shit. I used Sustained Energy the first two loops and switched to gel on this loop (the S.E. was tasting nasty in the heat). My energy output was now far exceeding my energy input. I had a Nutella sandwich on this loop, but it didn't seem to touch me. The plan was to have Jennifer (my darling better half) bring me a McDonald's cheeseburger and chocolate shake after this loop, so I focused on that and moved forward the best I could.

Loop three was completed around the 6:21 hour mark. Slowly, but surely, I was drifting away from my 50 mile plan. Oh well...just keep moving!

Loop four began with a delicious cheeseburger and shake in hand and after a much too short visit from my angelic wife. I was in good cheer, but moving slow. A couple of miles into loop four and I was getting very depressed. All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep (a bullet to the head seemed like an excellent idea). A few people zoomed by me on their fifth and sixth loops and I could only wish that I was moving at their speed. My 50 mile plan was dx'd and my new plan was to survive to the mid-course aid station and drop.

When I finally made it to the aid station, I sat down and took an ice cold sponge bath (no, not in the nude). A few PBJ quarters later I felt a ton better. Another runner (Mike Wallace) and I decided to stick together and finish at the 50k mark. We hooked up with two others and walked the yellow trail. Back to the mid-course aid station, they all stopped and I kept moving. I was feeling a lot better and wanted to run.

I crossed the finish line in 9:10:54. I was totally beat. My pride wanted another loop to make at least the 40 miles, but my body knew better. Maybe I need to stick to 50k's for a bit longer before moving up to 50 milers.

The saying goes :excused are like assholes...everyone's got one" and I have many...

1. The heat was killer. It slowed all the runners. It killed me.
2. Lack of long distance training. Except for races, I don't think that I have had one training run longer than marathon distance. This came back to bite me in the arse.
3. Did I mention the heat index of 133?!
4. Lack of back-to-back long runs.
5. Don't forget about the heat.
6. Vacation in Hawaii = 6 extra pounds!
7. It was hell hot.

Pitiful (for a proclaimed ultrarunner) 2008 runs by distance (everything over 25 miles were races):

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