Monday, November 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle...Again

I finally took more than 2 days off. Last Monday through Friday were my days of rest and recuperation. My legs loved every non-running minute of it.

Saturday was a treadmill (7 miles) and elliptical (2 miles) day. Sunday was spent driving my youngest son back home. Today...another boring treadmill day of 6 miles. The St. Jude Marathon is this weekend, so I will do a short run outside tomorrow nights and then rest the remainder of the week.

Forecast for Saturday is looking great (so far). Only a 20% chance of rain, with a low of 48 and high of 59...perfect running weather! I was worried about running in cold weather when the previous forecast predicted 35 degrees in the morning...with rain!

The Expo is Thursday and Friday night. I plan on attending the Thursday night expo to get in on the good deals and free-bies while they last!!

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