Monday, October 22, 2007

Five Fingers for Five Toes

I finally found a local store (Baumer's in G'town) that sold Vibram Five Fingers! I bought the gray/black classics, list price $70. I could have ordered them online, but I was unsure of the European sizing.


Although it was raining outside this evening, I just had to try them out. A quick two mile run at a 11 min pace felt great! Of course, it's a lot different than running in shoes and it took some getting used to. My left calf was very tight, as was my right foot. I tried to take it slow, but I was enjoying myself too much! With the Five Fingers, I could actually feel the surface I was running on (asphalt, concrete, grass) without the pain of stepping on sharp rocks, sticks, glass, etc. After this rain stops, I will give them a try on the trails!

For the first mile, I wore my Injinji socks and then sans socks for mile two. With socks felt great and so did without...except that I started to get a hot spot on the ball of my left foot. So, I will be wearing socks with them until my feet toughen up. It looks silly with white crew socks, so I will order the micro Injinji's.

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