Sunday, August 23, 2009

Returning to the Trails

Today was my first "long" run since early June and since starting Crossfit Bartlett. I didn't have any of my old aches and pains, had plenty of energy, felt great, and ran without problems. I was very pleased with the way I have strengthened my body through crossfit and believe it has improved my running. Today's run was only about 10.5 miles, but's been almost 3 months since running anything over 5k (except for one 5 miler)! Crossfit Bartlett was the obvious reason that I felt strong during the entire run! Had I not had to be home by 11, I would have continued running.

Next week (weather and wife permitting), I will attempt my solo 50k at Bartlett Park.

My Blackberry Bold gps stated that I ran 9.2 miles, but it is obviously not accurate in the woods! All the bikers and other runners say that all loops together at the Stank is about 10.5 miles. If anyone has a more accurate mileage, let me know.

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