Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Run in the Snow

It rarely snows in Memphis. We usually get ice, which sucks ass. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and did not let up until after I went to bed. Unofficially, 8 inches of powder was reported. Of course, today's sunshine is destroying our late winter wonderland!

Marley and I hit the neighborhood streets late yesterday afternoon for our first snow run. We made it 4 miles before deciding that we had enough. I planned on getting up early this morning to run Bartlett Park before everyone else got out there and messed up my snow.

The alarm buzzed at 0600 and I promptly turned it off, checked outside, and went back to bed. So much for running the the virgin forest snow. Up and at 'em around eight and out the door after ten. Marley and I hit Bartlett Park before 10:30. At least five sets of tracks in the snow told me that we went the early birds.

The trails were snowy, wet, and muddy. Before making it to the bridge on the white trail, my feet were already soaked with the freezing water and mud. I tried my best not to run in the water, but it was difficult to run through eight inches of snow off trail. I figured my toes wouldn't fall off in the two hours I had planned on being out there, so all was well.

There were a lot of limbs and whole trees across the trails, weighed down by the snow. By the time I got up to a decent pace, I had to detour or duck under/around down foliage. It was slick in some places and I almost did the splits a few times.

I called it a day after six miles and went home to bathe Marley. She was very stinky and muddy. There are more photos on my Facebook page (link is at the top of this page).

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