Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Review

A new year has arrived in which I hope to improve my family life, my running, and win the lotto!

The best time of 2008 was running 100's of miles with the love of my life, Jennifer! She was not a runner before and has gone from not running at all to a half marathon in less than one year!

Total mileage for 2008 = 2036.70

January - Swamp Stomper 50k (8:30): very cold...witch titty cold, in fact. I went out too fast and bonked hard. Hopefully I learned something.

March - Mississippi 50 (37.5m 9:15): my first attempt at 50 miles. I made it to the start line late and missed the last lap cut-off by 30 minutes.

- Germantown Half Marathon (2:06): I ran as a bandit. PR for me!

April - Memphis Ultra 6 Hour: 24 miles of fun with friends!

- Ouachita 50 (36m 9:45): second attempt at 50 miles, once again missing last cut-off by 30 minutes.

May - Scenic City Trail Marathon (6:15): I under estimated the elevation of Chattanooga!

July - Firecracker 5k: my wife's first race (I ran bandit with her)! I still have yet to get her on the trails, though.

- Diamond Head Fun Run: not a race, but fun to run Waikiki and Diamond Head while on vacation!

August - Bartlett Park Ultra (50k 9:10): it was even hotter than last year's race! Original plan was for 50 miles, but stopped after of the my smartest moves of the year!

October - Tour d'Esprit 24 Hour: stopped after 50k due to pain(s).

November - Wade's Big Adventure (3:23): great short trail run with great friends!

December - St. Jude Marathon (5:22): I paced with my wife for her first half marathon! She did great and I am very proud of her! And I still have yet to get her into running trails!

2008 Mileage:

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