Thursday, June 5, 2008

More of the Same

Another run at Bartlett Park, but this time my body cooperated. I kept the pace steady and tried to only hike the uphills. My energy level stayed up and I was able to finish the run with a smile on my face.

On the most previous run at Bartlett Park, I used Clip2 in my Camelbak as my "energy" drink. The Clip2 has a supposedly has a light raspberry taste, but to me, it tastes like dookie. I used it a lot last summer with great success. There was one packet left, so I thought to try it again. The stuff works, but if I use it again I will definitely add some kool-aid flavoring!

For yesterday's run I used HEED. During the Mississippi 50, I had severe bloating issues that I blamed on HEED mainly because I used it for the first time during the race. I had two packets of HEED left from previous SWAG bags and wanted to test it again...during training this time.

The flavoring of the HEED leaves much to be say the least. It does taste better than Clip2, though. I had a 24oz hand-held with HEED and another with tap water. Pulling from both during the run, I had no real gastric issues except occasional belching. The training run with HEED went a lot better than the run with Clip2, so I will continue to run with HEED for the time being.

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